Cashback Bonus Review

A cashback bonus is an amount of money that is given back to players when they spend a certain amount gambling. In casinos, this amount is directly related to the cash a gambler uses. The more money one uses to stake, the higher the amount of money the casino will give to them as cashback. Keep scrolling through this cashback bonus review to understand the specifications of this reward.

How to Benefit from the Cashback Bonus

In most casinos, this bonus is not awarded to all gamers. A specific group of gamblers is the one that will benefit from this reward. Below is a list of casino gamblers that are eligible to receiving money back.

  • VIP members – VIP gamblers are known to spend lots of cash in casinos. Due to the nature of the gambling scene, one cannot always be on the winning side of the game. Therefore, the casino has set aside a strategy that awards these players a certain percentage of the money they spend. The amount can be calculated according to weeks or months’ gambling expenditure. At the end of the specified term, the wagering site calculates the amount used and gives it back to the gambler. Most casinos avail a bonus percentage of 5%-25%. VIP players are not always restricted to a specific amount like in the case of regular gamers.

  • High-roller gamblers – In certain casinos, one can be a high-roller gamer but not necessarily a VIP member. For this reason, online betting sites also include these persons into the bracket of cashback bonus beneficiaries.

  • Regular losing gamers – At one point or the other, all gamblers make a loss to the casino. High-end wagering sites take advantage of this situation to reward their players with a specific amount of cash. The money is calculated in terms of percentages. However, the casino sets a ceiling board to the highest sum of money each player can receive. For example, the casino will set percentage cashback at 10%. Additionally, stakers will only earn up to 500 pounds or its equivalent in another currency. This strategy keeps players coming back to bet on the respective sites since they feel that not all their money was wasted.

Some sites also avail this promotion to gamers who play particular games. For example, players that spin reels will be encouraged to play a specific game for a chance to get up to 5% back if they make any losses. Therefore, if a player plays that particular game using 500 dollars and they lose it all, the wagering site will be liable for availing 25 dollars to the losing player.

Wagering Requirements

Just like other bonus, cashback bonuses also have betting requirements that players have to fulfill before they can receive the money that they have been promised. They are:

  • Players that signed up for the welcome bonus have to have wagered through the welcome bonus money the required times

  • Gamers should not have any existing bonus cash pending in their casino accounts

  • Some casinos require players to wager through the bonus money up to 10 times before they can request to withdraw winnings attained from it

  • Additionally, all gamblers that want to benefit from this bonus ought to have placed a bet of a minimum amount of money set by the casino. This sum of cash will vary from one casino to the other.

In addition to the wagering requirements, players need to read up on the terms and conditions that regard the use of bonus money. Most sites have fine print details that may cause one to lose their money if they are not adhered to.

Cashback Bonus Givers

While many players may want to get this promotion, gamers have to note that not all casinos avail this option. In some cases, the sites will provide the offer, but it will set a high amount of money to players who are interested in it. This raises the need to create a bonus code that interested gamers can use to claim the reward. Some of the online wagering places that give this option are the likes of:

  • BetChain Casino 15% up to 50 Euros

  • Codetta Casino 15% cashback bonus

  • Mars Casino 15% cashback reward

  • Magical Spin Casino 25% cashback gift on Tuesdays

  • No Bonus Casino 10% cashback bonus

  • Breakout Casino 5% cashback bonus

These are just but a few of the wagering sites that give back money to their losing clients. For a detailed list of such casinos, players should visit online sites that have made reviews on that subject.

Choosing the Right Cashback

While it may be quite easy to choose a casino, it may be challenging when it comes to picking the right casino that avails the most lucrative yet non-stifling bonus. Below is the criterion that gamers can make use of when selecting the casino with the best offer for them.

  • Casino Games – Take into consideration the kind of games that have this offer. It will be better if a gamer selects a casino that rewards them for playing their favorite game.

  • Percentage Awarded – Players who are fond of staking using high amounts of cash should consider staking in a casino that avails a cashback reward that matches their expenditure.

  • Wagering requirements – Gamblers need to pick sites that do not have stringent wagering requirements. This is in a bid to avoid losing both the bonus and won cash if they do not follow the rules.

  • Flexibility – Some casinos avail this reward to different players at different times. For example, weekly bonuses are accorded to gamers who play slots games, monthly awards are given to table game players, while daily rewards are availed to gamers who play particular games. Players who visit their best casinos frequently can take advantage of such opportunities to ensure that whenever they are online, they do not make complete losses as they gamble.

  • Availability – One needs to know whether or not this bonus is availed to players based in their geographical region. Some casinos restrict gamblers located in some areas from participating in any promotional events. To avoid any inconveniences, check first to see that your location is marked as a safe region. Even more, it is wise to check whether the bonus is a continuous one or it is available seasonally. Choosing casinos that have a constant gift of this kind will prove to be beneficial to frequent gamers.

Final Word

A cashback bonus is one of the free rewards that are considered to be highly beneficial. This is one of the prizes that gamblers need to be keen about. However, players need to ensure that the site they choose to wager in is licensed and verified to be fair if they are to receive any money back after making losses. Even more, gamers who are always on the move can choose mobile casinos that avail this option. Lastly, pick sites that not only give the money back when one makes losses but also when they deposit money into the casino account. This way, the sum of cash players receive will increase significantly.